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Why Organic

  • Even though babies eat small amounts of food at each feeding, pound for pound they consume more food than adults.
  • Not only do babies consume more food, they tend to eat a smaller variety of foods, which can increase exposure to certain pesticides.
  • Baby’s organs are still developing and are less efficient at eliminating toxins.
  • Organophosphates found in conventional produce have been linked to an array of neurological disorders as well as other health issues.
  • Conventionally grown produce tends to be less nutrient dense than its organic counterpart and crops grown in this soil are similarly depleted.
Babies deserve great tasting food free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetic modifications.

At this important time when little brains and organs are growing, pound for pound children are more vulnerable to higher concentrations of pesticides than adults. That is why all Jack’s Harvest baby foods are made from the best quality certified organic produce, herbs and spices. And because organic farming is more environmentally friendly, you’re promoting both a healthier lifestyle and a better world for your baby’s future. Jack’s Harvest is certified 100% organic by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association’s Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP).
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