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Why Herbs & Spices

  • Before pharmaceuticals were widely available humans looked to nature to cure illness, enhance wellness and strengthen immune systems.
  • Parents around the world feed their babies food with complex flavor.
  • Early introduction to herbs and spices appeals to baby’s appetite and builds future reliance on flavors other than salt and sugar.
A pinch of this or a dash of that adds up to good health – and good taste.

Babies don’t have to wait to try herbs and spices. In many countries, they are offered from the very beginning. Breastfed babies are introduced to a variety of flavors, before they even start eating solids. Jack’s Harvest has thoughtfully chosen to add organic herbs and spices to its baby food to tempt curious taste buds and provide extra health benefits. We lovingly selected rich flavors that are not common allergens. In fact, most of the organic herbs and spices featured boost tiny developing immune systems to protect from illness.

Find out more about the benefits of herbs and spices.


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