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Why Frozen

  • Foods that are minimally processed maintain their natural flavor, color and nutrient content. Introducing minimally processed baby food eases the transition to finger foods.
  • Many commercial baby foods, including organic brands, contain fillers, sugars and/or preservatives.
  • Ascorbic acid, a preservative found in most commercial baby foods, uses corn syrup as a base and not only alters the fruit or vegetable’s natural flavor, it can cause a reaction in babies allergic to corn.
  • An expiration date of 6 months (not 2 years) is a good thing.
Vital nutrients, bright colors, delicious flavors, and delightful smells, are maintained through our thoughtful process.

Jarred baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures so it can sit for years. Over processing removes a lot of nutrients leaving food bland and tasteless. (Would you want to eat it?)
Jack’s Harvest organic baby food is gently prepared in small batches then quickly frozen to capture nature’s fresh flavor, vibrant color, rich texture and essential nutrients. No need for yucky stuff like artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives or fillers. And no added salt, modified starches or sugar. Jack’s Harvest is all natural goodness – just like your baby. Your baby has taste buds and knows what tastes good. They also know what looks good and smells good. Shape your baby’s precious palate with food that is healthy and delicious and help them learn what fresh foods look, smell and taste like.

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