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Examiner: Babies 101
Heather contributed to this series of articles highlighting what foods are okay for babies to eat from ages 6 months to 12 months.

Dinner for Busy Moms by Jeanne Muchnick (See page 144)
Heather shares her strategy for getting the family to the table.

KnoxMoms reviews Jack’s Harvest on their blog.

Mom Confessionals: The Baby Issue
“I’m no super mom who will try to make her own baby food and this was as close to fresh and homemade my babes will get.”

Momma’s Gone City: The Baby Issue Event
“The samples of What A Pear, frozen into little hearts, looked and tasted amazing.”

Pregnancy: Taste the rainbow
“Just like sweet potato pie, without the crust,” Art Director, Robert Hold.

Atlanta Mom: Jack’s Harvest (Watch the video!)
Heather and Connie welcome host and fellow Atlanta mom, Sasha Rionda, into the Jack’s Harvest kitchen.

Best Self: Best bites
This organic food satisfies little palettes.

Progressive Grocer: A Bountiful Harvest for Babies
Jack’s Harvest is unique in its herb- and spice-enhanced flavors. A Pediatrician’s Advice on ‘Green’ Parenting
A wonderful interview with our friend, Dr. Alan Greene.

Babycurean: Jack’s Harvest Kitchen Goddess
Heather welcomes you to the kitchen of Jack’s Harvest and shares tips for cooking baby food at home.

CafeYak: Spotlight on Mom Entrepreneurs
Interview with the founders of Jack’s Harvest, Heather and Connie.

News Talk Radio 1160AM: Women on the Move

Listen to the interview ~ See pictures
Heather and Connie join host Jennifer Green to discuss their Jack’s Harvest journey.

Blisstree: Choices in frozen organic baby food
Jack’s Harvest is baby food that’s certified 100% organic and made with seasonal fresh choices.

Examiner: Jack’s Harvest organic baby food
A good organic option that’s homemade without the work.

Green Matters for Everyday Living: A Conversation with Atlanta Connoisseurs
We are thrilled to be a part of this beautiful book.

Examiner: Mommy Must Haves for “Eco-friendly” moms
For the moms who spend afternoons in front of the food processor, it will save time.

American Baby: Supermarket Stars
Jack’s Harvest is top pick and ONLY frozen organic baby food featured on this grocery list of “must haves.”

Naturally Savvy: Jack’s Harvest Organic Baby Food
Certainly passes my strict standards for food, earning the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

Atlanta Business Chronicle: First steps
Mom entrepreneurs hit sweet spot with organic baby food.

Pregnancy & Newborn: The great baby food taste test
Jack’s Harvest earns rave reviews and a double win for Go Bananas with a Cherry & Butternut Squash-ed Apples.

Pregnancy & Newborn: Ginny’s Picks
We’re honored to be Ginny’s Pick as #1 for “best tasting” from all the dozens of baby foods she tried. Our fave quote: “I could probably drink a smoothie made from this stuff every day of my life and never grow tired of it.” Thanks, Ginny. We agree!!

Georgia Magazine: New, inspired and tasty
A showcase of Georgia products and small-business ingenuity.

Examiner: Babies 101
When can babies start on cereal and other solids & other baby food questions answered.

Southern Seasons: The Green Dish
Eco-Editor, Laura Turner Seydel, dishes on the most delicious way to be part of the green movement.

Examiner: The “sneaky” way to get your kids to eat vegetables
This is “adult grade” baby food. It can easily be consumed by your 1 year old, 5 year old, or 40 year old husband.

Feeding Baby Green by Alan Greene
We are honored to be a part of this must-have resource for making nutritionally-sound decisions for your children. Look for one of our favorite puree recipes “Caul Me a Pear” featured on page 176.

LowCountry Live: Whole Foods Market Recipe Roadshow (Watch the video!)
Heather and host, Ryan Nelson, discuss Jack’s Harvest at Whole Foods Market – Mount Pleasant.

Atlanta Parent: Atlanta’s Entrepreneurial Moms
Creative and business-savvy women who turned their passions into a living – and you can, too! Commercial vs. Homemade Baby Food
Jack’s Harvest is fave commercial baby food when you don’t have time to make your own.

Fit Pregnancy: Bye-bye bland baby food
Winner for Most Convenient: Jack’s Harvest (of course!)

Point’s North: Women Entrepreneurs
Heather and Connie describe their “A-ha!” moment.

CafeMom: Baby Buzz
Our fave: Jack’s Harvest. The flavors and supervivid colors will win you over.

Mommytrends: Jack’s Harvest Frozen Organic Baby Food

Whole Foods Durham Store Blog: Jack’s Harvest Organic Baby Food
Jack’s Harvest is a fantastic regional company and we are happy to have their product join our shelves.

Cooperative Living: Be the Change & Wellness partners
Heather and Connie join Co-Op Central radio for a lively discussion on health and wellness.

EveryDay with Marcus & Lisa (Watch the video!)
Heather gets sneaky with Jack’s Harvest’s purees. Watch LIVE taste-test with Skyler, a self proclaimed “picky eater,” at the end of the segment.

The Mogul Mom: Featuring Heather & Connie of Jack’s Harvest
Interview including our favorite quotes and the one thing that has been instrumental in our success. (Hint: it’s you!)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Roswell baby food maker expands distribution
Jack’s Harvest expands distribution to 18 Whole Foods Markets in the Southeast.

Mergermarket: Jack’s Harvest
Jack’s Harvest balances interest in growth capital against desire for control.

Mom’s the Word! Radio Show: Jack’s Harvest’s Mompreneurs
“Moms on the Move” segment features lively discussion with Heather and Connie.

EveryDay with Marcus & Lisa (Watch the video!)
Watch Heather cook up some fun while making organic baby food with Marcus.

Hybrid Mom: Designed By Moms
Made by moms, for moms

Daily Candy Kids: Blendor Splendor
Jack’s Harvest Mango Smoothie Recipe

Parents of Picky Eaters – Take back your kitchen
Great post by Heather about The Unarguable 12.

New Life Journal: Soul Kitchen

Not Just for Babies Anymore

Now What Baby: Jack’s Harvest

Once you taste mom-created Jack’s Harvest there is no going back.

Passionate Green: New “Green” Foods to Try
Try something new and healthy – Jack’s Harvest.

Atlanta’s Finest Dining: Around Town
Jack’s Harvest: Frozen Organics for Baby

Cookie: Organic Baby Food Taste Test
“It smelled delicious, and I think the texture was much better than a lot of the other brands,” said one mom.

WGN: Lunchbreak – Raising Baby Green (Watch the video!)
Thanks for the “shout out”, Dr. Greene. Oprah, we hope you were watching!

Cooking for Monkeys: Friendly Skies Bento
I do not have the patience to make my own baby food, that’s why I love Jack’s Harvest.

Sustainable Dunwoody: Spilling Out
Peas with mint, carrots with ginger, anyone? Do you have to be a baby to eat them?!

StartupNation: 2008 Home-Based 100 Winner Profile for Yummiest
Jack’s Harvest proves moms are unstoppable when it comes to providing for their babies.

Peekaboo Picks: I heart Jack’s Harvest
Find out who prefers heels and vanilla (Heather) and who prefers flats and chocolate (Connie).

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Recipe for a Business

View PDF ~ View Article

Two mothers take one’s organic baby food, combine it with a passion and belief in what they’re doing and turn it into Jack’s Harvest.

Natural Moms Talk Radio: Podcast #95

Heather and Connie join host Carrie Lauth to discuss Jack’s Harvest and their belief that baby food shouldn’t have to be boring.

Listen to the interview:
icon for podpress Standard Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Celebrity Baby Blog: Fashion & Gear

Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food is so yummy you’ll want to eat it too! We are very big fans.

s.i.m.p.l.e: Jack’s Harvest Product Review

For once I was excited to feed Ethan. He tried the food and just loved it.

Atlanta Intown: Eco Briefs
A local newspaper featuring our local baby food company – Jack’s Harvest!

Traveling with Baby: Jack’s Harvest is the Cream of the Crop

Fresh, organic, and tasty food for baby in fantastic combinations with beneficial spices to aid in digestion and increase baby’s taste palate.

The Sunday Paper: Happy Meals

The Sunday Paper recently met with local moms and Jack’s Harvest founders Connie Pope and Heather Schoenrock for the inside scoop.

Atlanta Life Magazine: Feeding Time
Want to serve your little one the healthiest food you can, but can’t find time to prepare it? Luckily, there’s Jack’s Harvest.


Green Mom Finds: Eat Your Heart Out

Here’s to totally-not-yicky, absolutely yummy organic baby food – it’s about time!

Skirt loves! Jack’s Harvest

I’m eager to use this line of organic frozen baby food made by two Atlanta moms when my son gets old enough.

Jewels and Pinstripes: Celebrity Baby Bags

Heather and Connie welcome the New Girls and Boys in Tinseltown with a gift of Jack’s Harvest.

Orlando Home & Leisure: Eat Your Vegetables

A pair of enterprising moms grows a new business selling organic baby food.

Decatur Dispatch: Two Atlanta Area Moms Give Birth To Baby Food Company

Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food is now available for purchase online to parents and babies nationwide.

Retailing Today: Adults Going Gaga Over Organic for Kids (on page F2)

“Our differentiators include that our food is frozen into individual cubes,” noted Connie Pope, Jack’s Harvest co-founder with Heather Schoenrock, who developed what became the company’s product line in an attempt to find better food for her own children.

superdumb supervillain: Jack in the (insulated express-delivery) Box

I was so thrilled to discover Jack’s Harvest, frozen organic baby food delivered to your home.

Oh! Baby Buy Products: Born Green

Created by two moms in Atlanta, Georgia who wanted to make great tasting food free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetic modifications. And boy have they made some fantastic foods!

Cool Mom Picks: So Good That I Don’t Mind Licking the Spoon Either

There have been times when I’ve finished feeding my son and without thinking, licked the spoon. Blech. But since being introduced to Jack’s Harvest, I actually have to stop myself from eating more than just the remnants.

Green Kiddos: Yummy for the Little Tummy

It’s hard to find a good gift for a second time (or more!) mom. Well I was gifted with one of the coolest gifts when I was pregnant with Gracie. A good friend of ours gave us a gift certificate to Jack’s Harvest which is locally made organic baby food.

Wes Side: Fresh Organic Baby Food (Watch the video!)

Hear award-winning journalist and grandpa, Wes Sarginson, tell how Jack’s Harvest began while Heather and Connie cook up some Yummy Bunny Carrots and What a Pear for Wes to try.

Baby Boy Blog: Jack’s Harvest, Simply the best Organic Baby Food around

We are always looking for the best sources of food for our little ones at the Baby Boy Blog. When we stumbled upon Jack’s Harvest, we knew we found a gem.

GoCityKids Goes for Jack’s Harvest

An Atlanta-based, mom-owned company makes frozen organic baby food that tastes better than anything else we’ve tried.

Try An Organic Alternative To Baby Food (Watch the video!)

See Jack’s mom, Heather, cook up some delicious Jack’s Harvest Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Pear with Better Mornings lifestyle reporter, Corinna Allen.


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