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Serving Suggestions

To preserve the integrity of Jack’s Harvest baby food, we recommend warming it in a glass or ceramic container.

If warming in microwave, stir Jack’s Harvest baby food well to distribute heat and avoid hot spots. If warming on stove top, use a double boiler or sauce pan over low heat. We recommend not using a non-stick pan.

Before serving, be sure to test temperature.

Because Jack’s Harvest baby food is all natural and contains no fillers, some separation may occur during heating.

Jack’s Harvest baby food thaws nicely in the refrigerator overnight in a sealed container. Be sure to keep thawed food covered and refrigerated and serve to baby within 3 days. Because bacteria grows on a warm surface, do not allow to thaw uncovered at room temperature.

As busy moms always on the run, Jack’s Harvest baby food can conveniently defrost naturally in a sealed container. Jack’s Harvest fruits are wonderful served slightly chilled and are perfect on the go.

Jack’s Harvest keeps in the freezer up to 6 months without taking up a lot of room (like clunky jars) so plan ahead and stock up!

After removing desired Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food cubes, promptly return bag to freezer. Due to the delicate nature of this pure food, it will begin to defrost quickly.

Refrigerate thawed Jack’s Harvest baby food promptly and serve within 3 days. Do not save any leftovers that come in contact with baby’s spoon, as bacteria from baby’s mouth can contaminate food.

You may notice ice crystals on some of your Jack’s Harvest frozen baby food. This is natural and does not affect nor compromise the quality of the food.


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