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Our Fans

From the mouths of babes…

The frozen, heart-shaped cubes are so convenient and sweet. The Papplesauce is Palmer’s absolute favorite and it’s so fun to watch him slurp it up. He says thank you, too. I wish you continued success and three cheers for putting out healthy options for our most beloved babies!

—Julie, Newnan, GA

My 8 month old has suffered with reflux, which made introducing solid foods difficult. We have had a lot of success with Jack’s Harvest and are thrilled to have found this product!

—Lisa, Roswell, GA

Jilian is loving Jack’s Harvest! When I put her in her high chair, she gets so excited. She looks directly at the freezer, waiting for me to pull out her frozen heart. It is so funny.

—Kelli, Edgewater, FL

Viv LOVES the Papplesauce! She sucked down three of the hearts for dinner and was asking for more. She said, "Mmmm. Yummy" when she ate it. I tasted it as well – de-licious! I might have to make a little midnight snack for myself.

—BreeAnne, Tiny Revolutionary, Atlanta, GA

Hands down across the board both my daughter and I were happiest with your product out of the three brands we tested. She had one other specific flavor favorite from one of the other brands but as a whole yours won out on taste, consistency, portions, ease of use and heatability (I have decided that is a real word). You have a wonderful story and a wonderful product.

—Margot, Camarillo, CA

Calder had the mango Jack’s Harvest yesterday.  He is teething really bad, so I put a frozen piece of it in one of those mesh anti-choking baby feeder things and he loved it! He gobbled it up!

—Kristin, Parker Smith Portraits, Atlanta, GA

Wow! That about sums up my thoughts about Jack’s Harvest. Not only does my 5 month old love it but so do I. I immediately emailed Oprah to tell her what she is missing in her Baby Show. I will continue to order and look forward to trying new foods! I truly believe in your food and am so happy to be raising my little one on it. We plan to have many more children and will use your food for many years to come!

—Leigh, Lebanon, TN

I put sweet potatoes in the kids mac and cheese tonight and they both asked for seconds. I made raviolis and used the sweet potatoes as my sauce. As of tonight, I am officially out of your food so I am glad the next batch is going to be delivered on Wednesday. I am loving your product.

—Denise, Atlanta, GA

I love your food, and have ordered a ton this time because I’m planning to share with a friend of mine whose son just started solids. It really is the best stuff — and I’ve tried Plum Organics, Homemade Baby, Happy Baby. My daughter loves your stuff the best. It is the creamiest, freshest tasting and most delicious. So thank you.

—Myriam, New York, NY

I love it, Hadlee loves it, and all is right with the world!! I am actually getting ready to place another order – she’s eating us out of the house!! Thanks again!!

—Heather, Wilmington, NC

My daughter received her order and our “little man” is eating the food as we speak. They started him with the carrots tonight and in a few days he will start on fruit. He loved the carrots so much he was grabbing for the spoon and licking his lips for more so they fed him some peas also. My son-in-law tasted the food and was wowed at the taste. He loved it. Thanks so much for your kindness. I will be ordering more as he eats this up because I don’t want him to run out.

—Melody, Marietta, GA

We’re excited to be starting the “good stuff” next week…and I’m thrilled to have found an organic, home made source that delivers.

—Colleen, North Salem, NY

I received my order today. It is so adorable!! Thanks for your great customer service. Colton LOVES the pears. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for my next order. We are pleased.

—Nicole, Chicago, IL

I received the package from Jack Harvest today and WOW- it’s amazing! The frozen food is spectacular and I can’t wait to try it (love the flavors, the packaging and heart shape mold). Thank you!

—Robyn, Bethesda, MD

I did receive my order yesterday as promised. We ate a bit for dinner and a whole lot for breakfast this morning. The flavors are delicious and fresh and the packaging is convenient. Thank you for such an excellent product.

—Elaine, Westfield, MA

Just got your shipment and it is so great! I feel like you guys cooked just for Ethan and it means a lot to us as a family that there are companies like yours who really care about quality.

—Gwenn, Dobbs Ferry, NY

The whole process from ordering to delivery to packaging has been perfect. Jack tried the peas with mint last night (first green vegetable ever) and loved it.

—Jami, Raleigh, NC

Ryan is loving the Jack’s Harvest. SO YUMMY! I wish I had found it sooner for him. We have a second grandchild on the way, so I know the new baby will have a great start when it’s time for Jack’s Harvest.

—Linda, Manchester, MD

We fed our son the Pumpkin as part of his dinner last night and he was like a little birdie with mouth open wide just waiting for the next bite. So I’d say he’s already a fan.

—Whitney, Alexandria, VA

Wow…the food is great. I did get Sally to eat sweet potatoes last night and apples in the AM. I tasted them and I will eat them if she refuses. Hands down your food tastes so much better than that baby food in a jar!! One friend said it is like cooking for your baby without cooking!!

—Maggie, Atlanta, GA

I just received your baby food! WOW! I have never seen such cute baby food, and I love that it comes in bagged cubes, not little plastic containers! I cannot wait to serve this to Isadora, and with teething she had demanded only smooth foods…so this is perfect timing, too! Thank you.

—Heather, Philadelphia, PA

An Atlanta-based, mom-owned company makes frozen organic baby food that tastes better than anything else we’ve tried. If we’re not making our own, this is the stuff we’ll reach for.

GoCityKids, Atlanta, GA

As a mom of a 7 year old and a 7 month old this is the best baby food on the market! I can only wish it had been available when my oldest was a baby. All the foods are fresh and flavorful and bursting with color! What my 7 month old does not eat I eat…YES, it is that good!

—Sam, Duluth, GA

While we have been determined to feed our son organic food, we found that he did not seem to really enjoy the apples or bananas we had bought for him. When we tasted the food and looked at the label, we found that he could taste the ascorbic acid (we certainly could) which made these fruits much too tart. Once we switched to Jack’s Harvest, he started to strain forward in his chair towards the spoon and cannot get enough.

—Johanna, Atlanta, GA

You can definitely use me as a reference. I could NOT get Roman to eat any veggies until he ate your carrots and peas. He would always make an ugly face and spit them out…then I gave him Jack’s Harvest and he gobbled them up – just kept opening his mouth for more – so cute! I tasted them myself and they are sooo good! Some of the jar stuff isn’t bad, but most of it tastes nothing like what it’s supposed to be.

—Kristen, Atlanta, GA

My daughter Alexandra loves your baby food and eats it regularly. It makes me feel good to know that I can feed her something healthy, organic and delicious without having to make it myself.

—Stacie, Cumming, GA

The food is a hit!! She is eating 6-8 cubes a day. Wow! Thank you for reducing my stress.

—Rachael, Atlanta, GA

We love it all! Everything was delicious. I love that I can just pop a cube in a dish in the microwave and it’s ready! I mixed the peas and carrots and they were delicious!

—Lori, Atlanta, GA

I am absolutely CRAZY about Jack’s Harvest and so is my 8 month old son, Evan! Jack’s Harvest was his first food and with every new flavor we are both completely satisfied. I am delighted because I know Evan is getting the best possible food and I know he is happy because he gets excited when he sees it and hasn’t spit anything out…even green beans!

—Cari, Atlanta, GA

Haven has eaten everything we’ve tried so far with great enthusiasm. I’ve even snuck some bites, and I can assure you that I’ve never been tempted to do that with any of her bottled foods! The sweet potatoes are particularly yummy! I can now see the difference between fresh organic food and the bottle stuff. I’ll definitely be ordering more. Thanks again!

—Lisa, Atlanta, GA



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