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Helpful Hints

The introduction of solid foods begins at a critical period when eating habits are being developed.
Jarred baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures so it can sit for years. Over processing removes a lot of nutrients leaving food bland and tasteless. ┬áJack’s Harvest not only tastes better, it has a higher http://sportzonabrasil.com.br/palpites-basquete nutrient content. ┬áJack’s Harvest feeds your baby’s senses with beautiful colors (our peas are bright green) – wonderful smells (the smell of cinnamon boosts brain activity) – and delectable flavors (that we taste test ourselves!). Shape your baby’s precious palate with food that is healthy and delicious and help them learn what fresh foods look, smell and taste like.

Babies deserve great tasting food free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetic modifications.
At this important time when little brains and organs are growing, pound for pound children are more vulnerable to higher concentrations of pesticides than adults. That is why all Jack’s Harvest foods are http://www.sportzonabrasil.com.br/palpites-basquete made from the highest quality, 100% certified organic produce, herbs and spices. Vital nutrients, bright colors, yummy tastes, even delightful smells, are maintained through our thoughtful process. No need for yucky stuff like artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives or fillers. No added salt, modified starches or sugar. Jack’s Harvest is all natural goodness – just like your baby. And because organic farming is more environmentally friendly, you’re promoting both a healthier lifestyle and a better world for your baby’s future.

Early introduction to herbs and spices appeals to baby’s appetite and builds future reliance on flavors other than salt and sugar.
Babies don’t have to wait to try herbs and spices. In many countries, they are offered from the very beginning. Jack’s Harvest has lovingly selected organic herbs and spices that feed curious taste buds and add extra health benefits. A dash of cinnamon supplies calcium and promotes heart https://www.sportzonabrasil.com.br/palpites-basquete and digestive health. A pinch of ginger adds potassium while aiding digestion and regulating blood flow. A hint of mint provides iron and stimulates healthy digestion and respiratory health. A pinch of this or a dash of that adds up to good health – and good taste.

Introducing new foods one at a time, waiting 2 to 4 days in between, allows you to more easily identify intolerances.
If you suspect a food allergy, contact your pediatrician. Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food does not contain any common allergens such as: wheat, soy, dairy, egg, fish or nuts. Pears are considered a hypoallergenic fruit and often recommended as a safe way to start the introduction of first fruits to infants.

Experts say new flavors shunned at first are often accepted after repeat offerings.

If baby doesn’t like a particular taste, tempt their palate by combining it with another of Jack’s Harvest’s delicious flavors – that’s why we make them in easy to mix cubes.


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