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  • December 10, 2010 - 12:07 pm
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If you don’t already know about this company, you should.  Leslie Grant or Mother Hen has created a line of products designed to help you encourage your children to eat a balanced diet.  There is the Track’n PlaceMat which  allows your kids to mark which food groups they have eaten right at the table.  Brilliant.  The idea here is to stop the battle for control and educate kids about making good choices and letting them take the reins from there.

We have also been groovin’ to the CD The Farm Grub Revue in the car.  I love it when the kids are singing about local sourcing of food (LOL!) and how the message about nutrition and health are just a part of the catchy tunes.  Also, 30% of the proceeds from this CD go to support two very worthy organizations, Georgia Organics and Slow Food Atlanta.

Both of these items as well as a bunch of other fun tools can be purchased at the website Go and get some fun and educational goodies for Christmas!

Leslie is often found about Atlanta cooking up healthy but tasty (she made popcorn at Taste of Atlanta that was one of the best things I ate there all day!) recipes and spreading the word about nutrition, health and balance in our diets.  You can follow Chickin’ Feed on Facebook to keep abreast (get it??!!!) of all the new fun stuff that is coming your way!



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